Thursday, 1 March 2012

Prayer for the persecuted

O God, Most High and a Righteous Judge
Merciful and Compassionate Father
Have mercy on your beloved Children.
Especially those who are fearful and weak
Crushed in spirit and persecuted for their faith in you.
Give your children grace to endure the
Sufferings of this present time
Grant us courage of your son our Saviour
Jesus Christ who through sufferings
Was able to reveal your glory to this world:
Deliver and comfort your children
from the perpetrators of violence
In your tender and unfailing love
Heal the wounds of those afflicted
As you are our refuge and fortress
Healer and loving Saviour.

Please join us in prayer for the persecuted Christians.
1.   Friday, 2nd March 2012, The Stations of the Cross (English) at 7 pm at Christ Church, Carr Road, Nelson
2.   Saturday, 3rd March 2012, Holy Rosary (English and Urdu) at 12pm, St. John Southworth, Vaughn street, Nelson

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