Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Speak Out For Marriage

The government has published the Marriage (Same Sex Couples) Bill which, if passed, will fundamentally alter the meaning of marriage. We urge you to ‘Speak Out for Marriage’ and defend the definition that has played a fundamental role in society for centuries. The most effective way of defending marriage at this point is by contacting your local MP in order to make your views known.
The Catholic Bishops’ Conference has launched a postcard campaign entitled ‘Speak Out for Marriage’. Postcards should be available in every Catholic Church in England and Wales by Saturday 26 January. We urge you to send one to your MP and pass a few on to any friends or family who also wish to ‘Speak Out for Marriage’.
All you have to do is:
- Write the name of your MP on the front
- Write your name and address on the back
- Affix a stamp
- Pop the postcard in the post
Postcard to MPs 110.97 kB
Text of the postcard
Dear Member of Parliament,
As a concerned constituent I urge you to vote against the Marriage (Same Sex Couples) Bill.
  • Marriage between a man and a woman is the foundation of the family and provides the best circumstances in which to raise the next generation.
  • This is why society has recognised marriage as having an identity distinct from any other relationship, however much love or commitment may be involved; marriage is about the common good.
  • No mainstream political party promised such a radical change in its last election manifesto. There is therefore no mandate for it.
Please vote against it and let me know your views.
Alternatively please write personally to your MP
Personally written letters or emails from constituents are a very effective way of influencing MPs.
Postal Address:
MP for [your town/city/constituency e.g. Gloucester]
House of Commons
Again, you can find your MP’s name from local information or the 

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